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V8 Buggy Car FAQ's

Are participants in the V8 Race Buggy by themselves?

No, there will be an Off Road Rush Instructor in the vehicle when he is driving. The Instructor and Driver will talk to each other through an intercom in the helmets. The purpose of the Instructor is to get him driving to the best of his ability and get him going quicker then he ever thought he would be able to. All of our Instructors currently compete in the Australian Off Road Racing Championship and they all hold CAMS National Off Road Licences so you won't find anyone any better to teach you the skills of driving!

Are the V8 Race Buggies manual or automatic?

Our V8 Race Buggies have a 5 Speed Albins Race Gearbox and they are all manuals. Even if you cant drive or haven’t driven a manual before, our instructors can either teach you how to do the gears or do the gears for you. As we take Drivers from the age of 12 years we are experts at teaching customers how to drive with gears.

Are the V8 Race Buggies safe?

Our V8 Race Buggies are certified by CAMS (Confederation of Australian Motorsport) which is the governing body of Motorsport Events in Australia. They have roll cages and the latest components on them. Off Road Rush Race their cars competitively in both the Australian Off Road Championship and the ARB Off Road Racing Series here in Australia, the same ones that the General Public get to drive, so our Race Cars are checked (or scrutineered) on a regular basis by CAMS Officials before Off Road Events.

Can the kids and I come and watch? Anything that spectators and drivers need to know?

Yes! You are welcome to come and watch. We supply basic refreshments for spectators also. You will be able to see sections of the track to watch your driver. Hot laps and extra drives are also available for Spectators, enquire on the day. You need to allow to be at the track from 8.30am – 12noon or 12:30pm – 4pm, depending on the final numbers in your group. This is NOT 4 hours of drive time. Please read our Terms and Conditions.

Drive Terms and Conditions

Can we have the drive and Hot Laps recorded?

As an optional extra on all of our drive experiences and Hot Lap packages, you can purchase a recording on a GO PRO camera,  mounted on our buggies. Refer to the drive experience of your choice for the actual cost as you book your drive.

Do participants need a licence?

No. We take participants from the age of 12 years so we do not require any drivers licence to be produced.

Do you have height or weight restrictions?

We can take a driver who weighs up to 140kg (308lbs) and up to approx. 201cm (6ft 9 in) tall.  We have Race Suits and Helmets that will fit all shapes and sizes.

We have done other driving experiences, what is different about this one?

We are the only Drive Company in Australia that gives you the opportunity to drive Off Road V8 Race Buggies. You get to drive REAL RACE CARS that CURRENTLY compete all over Australia as well. You have the opportunity to get sideways on the dirt, we don’t govern our vehicles and there is no other motor sport driving experience in Australia where you can get you get air borne over jumps! Our Instructors want you to get the most out of your time in the Buggies and have a heap of fun. We love our job!!

What are Off Road V8 Race Buggies?

They are like dune buggies but 3 times the size, about the same as a Land Cruiser with roll bars and all the safety gear. They are used for Extreme Off Road Driving and Desert Racing all over Australia.You may have heard of the Finke Desert Race held in Alice Springs? The sport is as big in the USA as what the V8 Supercars are here in Australia. These buggies are exactly the same as the ones they race in the Baja 1000 in Mexico. The thrill of driving one of these is pretty big, and totally different to any other type of car!

What are the specifications of the buggies?

Off Road Rush V8 Race Buggies are equipped with a V8 Lexus Engine and are capable of speeds up to 220km per hour. The buggies that you get to drive are the same V8 race buggy that our Off Road Rush Team compete in around Australia. WE ARE THE ONLY Driving Experience in Australia where the general public can drive a car that is currently competing.

Our V8 Race Buggies are extremely safe due to the wild suspension, making the cars very stable into corners and over jumps. They are equipped with the latest components available which makes them some of the top running buggies in Australia. This means that your driving abilities will not be limited, you just won't believe it!

Off Road Rush V8 Race Buggy Specifications

Engine Lexus 4L V8 Engine managed by HALTECH Engine Systems
Transmission 5 speed Renault Gearbox
Suspension FRONT: A-Arm x 2 12 inch FOX 2.5inch coil overs with remote reservoirs 23 inches of front travel
REAR: 2 x 14inch and 2 x 16 inch FOX 2.5inch coil overs with remote reservoirs 24 inches of rear wheel travel
Steering Power assisted rack and pinion
Brakes 4 spot disc brake calipers on front and 4 spot mid board floaters on rear
Tyres and Rims 15 inch BTR Rims with 35” x 12.5” Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ’s
Inside the Cock Pit Beard Ultra Race Seats, 3 Inch 5point Crow Harness belts, Chromemolly roll cage, CNC brake and clutch pedal assembly, Ultra light auto meter gages with a 5 inch monster shift light taco!